Skin Consultation

Rukhsana Khan

Our Skin Consultation with Rukhsana Khan covers the common concerns we treat:

– Pigmentation
– Acne & Scarring
– Sun Damage
– Melasma
– Rosacea
– Ageing Skin
– Lines & Wrinkles
– Lightening & Brightening
– Stretch Marks
– Sagging Skin
– Scarring & Blemishes
– Tired Eyes/Dark Circles
– Fat Loss
– Hair Loss

Rukhsana Khan
Rukhsana Khan

Skin Consultation costs £50

Beautification enhances ones confidence and well- being, this is priceless.

Start your skin health and anti ageing journey with a most comprehensive skin consultation lasting up to 45mins. This in-depth skin assessment that will allow you to gain more knowledge about your concerns through education so that you have a better understanding of what your skin is going through. A thorough physical face to face assessment will performed and bespoke treatment plan will be created to address your concern including the costs that will be incurred. The consultation is conducted by Rukhsana Khan a medical health care professional who specialises in cosmetic dermatology and anti-ageing. Rukhsana has a very unique set of skills winning Top Global 100 and Best Aesthetic Clinic. Her expertise and medical knowledge enable her to achieve the best results and to provide you with an open and honest appraisee of your concerns. Gaining the correct diagnoses and treatment plan is absolutely vital for achieving a desired outcome.

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J. Campbell

“My journey to great skin and how I feel about the decisions I made”

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Start your personalised journey. Book your Skin Consultation with Rukhsana Khan at:

Our Saltaire Clinic
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Our Riddlesden Clinic
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