Lip Filler Bradford

Lip Filler Bradford

“I came here to get lip filler treatment. I had been insecure about my top lip being much smaller than my bottom lip. I had spent most of my late teens and early twenties over-lining them. I only got 0.7ml and it has made a huge difference. A little goes a long way. I wanted to achieve symmetry and more natural plumpness. I was able to get a call back straightaway and had my consultation booked within 2 days. I was told about all the risks in detail & what would and would not work on my lip shape etc. I was given an appropriate aftercare advice on a printed sheet. I went to a few consultations elsewhere in West Yorkshire, and I trusted the advice from here the most! Other clinics advised certain techniques that may have not potentially worked. I’m glad I went to many to try and see the best solution. I decided to go ahead and choose surface clinic as I trusted their suggestions the most, as theirs made the most sense to me. I am only 24 so I am very familiar with plenty of young girls, and even my friends getting their lips done from individuals who advertise themselves on instagram. It’s more common for girls our age to go to them rather than go to private clinics. These services on instagram tend to cost only £150 whereas professional clinics charge around £270. But for me and in my experience spending this much is so much more worth it. The filler is going to last longer. Not only did I have an in-depth consultation for 30 minutes, but I also had a lovely review and checkup today. What I like about surface clinic is the honesty and the refusal to give me more filler if my lips cannot take it. This is exactly what I was looking for a good reputable practitioner who was truthful, but could also provide great results! I am so happy with the results they have made such a difference but they also remain appearing so natural. I love putting on my makeup now especially when it comes to doing my lips. It has been an amazing confidence boost. Thank you surface clinic! worth every penny spent. Also the staff are so lovely and allocate appointments so easily.”

Simran Kaur-

We're talking LIPS.
Subtle Natural Looking Results.

All lips come in different shape and sizes. For a person in their 30’s the lip skin quality, size, shape and plumpness will differ to someone who’s in their 40’s and 50’s. By rejuvenating the lips it can take a few years off a person and also restores balance to rest of the facial features. Lips Fillers have been given bad press on social media and many are afraid seeking such procedures as they may end up having duck lips. Duck lips are achieved by overfilling the lips and utilising poor techniques.

Lip Filler Bradford
Lip Filler Bradford
Lip Filler Bradford
Why choose Rukhsana Khan at Surface Clinic?
  • Trained to very high standards, methods and techniques
  • High levels of patient safety and care
  • Won 2 National Clinic Awards and Global Top 100
  • Best quality Lip Filler used
  • Her experience will achieve better results
  • Advises with honesty and very ethical in her approach

Treatment Costs

To enhance lip border, definition, shape, volume including correcting asymmetry giving a natural appearance.

To enhance lip border, definition, shape, volume including correcting asymmetry giving a natural appearance.

Lasting upto 12 months

0.5 ml from £230

0.7 ml from £270

1 ml from £300

“I have thought about enhancing my lips for so many years but never found the right place I could trust. I was so put at ease by the Surface Clinic and can’t thank them enough. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone who is nervous about wanting to get filler but not sure on what it entails. All questions answered and full advice. So worth it, thank you so much!!”

E B –

Our Results

Volume & Shape that suits your overall appearance

Let us help you achieve natural looking results.

“I love the way Roxy gave my lips Volume and Shape, the results are in her skillls”

Lip Filler Bradford

Profile Balancing

Lip Filler Bradford

Border Definition

Lip Filler Bradford


Lip Filler Bradford

Correcting Asymmetry

Lip Filler Bradford

Subtle Volume

Lip Filler Bradford

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What our clients say

"Had my Lips done recently with Roxy they look really nice and natural. Great consultation and she's a real perfectionist"

Zara -

"They made me feel reassured and calm on all treatments and their results have exceeded my expectations. Genuine and very reliable clinic!!"

Tanya -

"Rukhsana is fabulous, she was very friendly and professional. She explained everything clearly and answered all my questions/concerns. I’m so happy with the results. The aftercare is superb. Perfect service in all aspects"

Majda -

"What an amazing clinic you are - I love every single visit - despite the odd ouchy moment"

Joanne -

"Came for some lip fillers. Wanted my lips to look big but natural. Such proffesional, calming and reassuring behaviour. Im soo happy with my lip fillers. They look so natural and pink, and compliment my face. Thank you Ruksana"

Zafam Khaa -

"I went to the clinic due to lack of confidence in my appearance. Roxy helped me so much and I am forever grateful"

Julie -

"I couldn't recommend the Surface Clinic team enough. I had my tear troughs treated and now I can honestly say it looks like I've had the best night's sleep every day. If you're after natural-looking results, this is the place to go"

Rachael -

"Fantastic service. Consultation really useful as procedures discussed in everyday terms"

Jayne -

Surface Clinic
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