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A fresher more youthful look, soften those lines and wrinkles.

Botox Injectables

Trained to an Advanced Level in Injectables & Facial Anatomy. Rukhsana Khan’s results cannot be replicated elsewhere.

With high levels of patient safety, advanced knowledge in medical aesthetics and signature techniques Rukhsana can achieve fantastic results for her clients.

Botulinum Toxin is also known as Botox or Anti Wrinkle injections. A fresh, youthful lifted appearance can be achieved by strategically injecting Botulinum toxin via a specialised fine needle, into the target muscle to temporarily block the nerve signal, resulting in weakening of the muscle action which can result in an improvement in the appearance of lines of facial expression. Botulinum toxin can only treat lines of expression (dynamic lines) and lines that are present when the muscle is not contracted, and the face is relaxed (static lines) generally do not improve with anti-wrinkle injections.

Rukhsana Khan is an advanced injector, she has mastered her skills and techniques over the years and has treated in the excess of 5000 patients. An in depth consultation is undertaken by addressing your concerns, muscle tone, skin, lines, suitability and associated risks. A bespoke treatment plan is created and equally agreed to provide the most appealing natural looking safe outcome. If you are not a ideal candidate an alternative treatment may be suggested for your concerns.

Upper & Lower face can be treated to improve the following:
– Frown lines
– Crows feet
– Forehead horizontal line
– Eye brow lift
– Correcting eye brow asymmetry
– Nasal Lines & Bunny lines
– Pebble Chin
– Slimming of the Jawline and width
– Down turned mouth corners
– Neck Botox (Nefertiti lift)
– Jawline definition
– Gummy Smile

Body Excessive sweating know as hyperhidrosis – It’s normal to sweat if your hot or exercising, but you may be sweating excessively due to no obvious reason this can be very embarrassing and often avoid wearing certain clothing or avoid certain social events. Resulting in heightened low self esteem and confidence.

Botulinum toxin is licensed for Hyperhidrosis. It is carefully injected in the apocrine sweat glands of the underarms to dramatically to reduce sweat production.

The results can last up to 6 to 8 months. The positive outcome of this treatment can be life changing for the individual with improved self confidence.

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Really happy with the whole experience. The clinic is lovely, clean and nicely done out. Rukhsana is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and the results have been brilliant. 5* Thank you 🙂

Nicola Smith –

Botox Bradford

All performed by Medical Professional Rukhsana Khan.

"Really happy with the whole experience. The clinic is lovely, clean and nicely done out. Rukhsana is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and the results have been brilliant. 5* Thank you :)"

Nicola Smith -

"They made me feel reassured and calm on all treatments and their results have exceeded my expectations. Genuine and very reliable clinic!!"

Tanya -

"I think Surface is a really great aesthetic clinic with great treatments and lovely, caring people. I would recommend them to anyone, without hesitation. Wonderful relaxed clinic with amazing staff"

Marjorie -

"What an amazing clinic you are - I love every single visit - despite the odd ouchy moment"

Joanne -

"I'm absolutely delighted with the results and have received countless lovely compliments - you are in very safe hands and will have a wonderful experience"

Eleanor -

"I went to the clinic due to lack of confidence in my appearance. Roxy helped me so much and I am forever grateful"

Julie -

"I couldn't recommend the Surface Clinic team enough. I had my tear troughs treated and now I can honestly say it looks like I've had the best night's sleep every day. If you're after natural-looking results, this is the place to go"

Rachael -

"It has changed my life more confident and a lot happy in my self due to the staff at surface thanks to all off the team who as helped me throughout my journey"

Steven -

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Botox Bradford

We offer Botox treatments in our Bradford and Riddlesden Clinics.