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Plasma is defined as the “fourth state of matter”, the others being: solid, liquid and gas 99% of the earth’s atmosphere is made up of plasma and it has common use in our daily lives, such as in neon signs, plasma TV screens and much more. Plasma is created when a heat source is used to excite a gas, causing electrons to free themselves from their atoms. Today in aesthetic medicine, we take advantage of the ionisation process to treat a whole host of aesthetic conditions in a completely safe and risk freeway.

Nano Plasma is the evolution of plasma devices, created by the worldwide Plasma Guru Professor Giorgio Fippi. 5 years after Plexr was introduced in the UK, Professor Fippi has released his latest creation combining anodic and cathodic plasma.

This new plasma device combines existing and new technology to bring you the most innovative and advanced Plasma device in the aesthetics market to date.The Nano Plasma has been created to generate 2 types of plasma – CATHODIC AND ANODIC PLASMA. The device emits alternating currents ionising the gases in the air and producing nano plasma with a prevalence of CATHODIC or ANODIC flows.  The treated tissues undergo a real sublimation (transition from solid to gaseous state) and as such they avoid transmitting unwanted heat to the surrounding tissue and to the subcutaneous layer. The formation of a small arch that looks like a small spark that causes the ionization of the gases contained in the air (the origin of the plasma)


Many people are affected by excess or loose skin on their eyelids and around the eye area, which can give an “aged” and “tired” look and can even cause vision disturbance. However, many patients avoid undergoing a surgical blepharoplasty due to the fear and risk of possible complications, anaesthesia and cost.

Plasma has really revolutionised the treatment options for patients seeking this procedure. Described by The Daily Mail as “the most effective treatment
for youthful eyes”, the dynamic non- surgical blepharoplasty, utilising cathodic and anodic plasma energy is not only the safest treatment for this procedure, but has become the choice of patients and professionals alike.

This procedure is defined as “non-surgical” because it’s performed without incision, cutting, stitching, bruising or surgical fat removal and without altering the orbicularis muscle in the eyelids, which minimises the complications significantly.

It’s also defined as “dynamic” as the practitioner can communicate fully with the patient by asking them to open and close their eyes during the treatment to show which skin folds still need to be targeted.

What other areas can be treated:
  • Under eyes
  • Crows feet
  • Smoker lines
  • Mini face and neck lifting
  • Scars correction
  • Removal of formations such as warts, bromas,
    naevi, keloids, xanthelasma, dyskeratosis, papulosa
  • Active acne and acne scarring treatment

Treatment Cost is £500

Nano Plasma
Nano Plasma
Nano Plasma
Nano Plasma
Under Eye Filler
Under Eye Filler
Under Eye Filler
Under Eye Filler


All prospective patients are advised to have a face-to-face consultation. During the consultation the practitioner will analise your skin to explain the range of treatment options available to you, how many sessions are needed to achieve the desired results.

A standard treatment lasts 20 -30 minutes depending on the area(s). Patients are required
to attend the appointment at least 45 minutes prior to the actual treatment to have a topical anaesthetic cream applied to minimise the risk of discomfort during the procedure as well as to go through the relevant post procedure expectations. As the treatment uses sublimation to shorten and tighten the skin, there may be a slight burning smell during treatment which is completely normal.

Immediately after the treatment a carbon crust will form over the treated area, this is
completely normal. The crusts formed must not be scratched, rubbed or removed. Crusting will fall off bteween 7 to 10 days. In some cases patients may experience some mild to moderate swelling and mild discomfort to the treated area lasting up to 72 hours.

The effect of the treatment is subject to the number of treatments undertaken, your lifestyle and aging process. Generally can last upto 5 years.

The number of sessions will vary according to the desired degree of correction needed to
meet the individual expectations. The result will start to appear after one month as your skin will keep contracting for 3 months following treatment.