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Problems with skin pigmentation is the most common concern ranging from melasma, sun damage, post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and general uneven skin tone. It is vital that you have the correct diagnosis and the relevant effective treatment by booking a skin consultation.

Skin Treatments

Dermal Filler BradfordSkin TreatmentsDermal Filler Bradford

Sundamage is referred as freckles, lentigines, age spots on the skin and it can affect any skin type. This a result of prolonged UV exposure due to sunbathing, using sun beds and not wearing adequate sun protection. We offer various treatments from laser to chemical peels to achieve clear youthful skin. A skin consultation will be required to assess suitability.

Skin transformation

Skin transformationSkin transformation

Melasma is seen as brownish to dark patches on the face usually on the cheeks, forehead, nose and upper lip. The size of the patch can vary often starting with a small patch and gradually becoming larger. It usually appears symmetrical on both sides of the face. It is more common in women in skin type III to V and there is no exact cause however it is thought be caused by hormones, UV exposure, inflammation and genetics. This can be psychologically distressing for the sufferer because of the effect it can have on their social and professional lives. We have treated many patients with successful outcomes as well as restoring confidence. We have world-class lasers, chemical peels and topical prescribed treatments. A skin consultation will be required for in depth assessment and suitability.

Skin Treatments

Rosacea can present itself as redness, threadveins (Telangiectasis), acne lesions, rhinophyma and skin sensitivty. These symptoms appears on the central face and often symmetrical and other body sites can be affected to. A Skin Consultation will be required for in depth assessment and suitability.

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Whether it is lines, wrinkles, large pores, loss of laxity, jowling, hooded eyes, dull skin all these concerns can be addressed non surgically. A personalised treatment plan will be devised during your Skin Consultation.

Volume depletion is fat loss mainly seen in cheeks, temples, eyebrows, lips and lower face. This usually occurs mainly due to weight loss and natural ageing process. As a consequence it can make you look older and tired. Structural rejuvenation involves injecting dermal filler to replace the volume loss and to enhance other facial features for overall  youthfull natural fresh look. During your Skin Consultation an in depth assessment of your facial anatomy will be conducted and a taylored treatment plan will be devised.

Dermal FillerLip Filler

The nose is a central feature of the face and it can be enhanced to look straighter, lifted and thinner. If you dislike your side profile or front profile of your nose it can be corrected non surgically by dermal fillers. This is a great place to start before considering more invasive procedure such as surgery. Not everyone will be a suitable candidate.  Common concerns can be treated such as hook nose, nasal hump and wide nasal bridge. A consultation will be required for assessment and suitability for nose straightening.

Nose Straightening

Nose FillerNose Filler

Acne is a common inflammatory skin condition which develops into white heads, black heads, papules, pustules and cysts. The oil gland becomes dysfunctional and overactive, producing excessive amount of sebum. As a result f not treated successfully it can devlope into scarring and pigmentation. Once scarring has developed its usually permanent however certain scars can be improved significantly.  We offer wide range of treatment options for both acne and scarring  which will be discussed during your skin consultation.

Skin Treatments

Skin Treatments

Acne Skin

A stretch mark is a type of scar that develops when our skin stretches or shrinks quickly. usually seen post pregnancy or weight loss.

They appear as narrow silvery white or red bands on the skin. They usually occur on the body such as stomach, back buttocks and arms. They are challenging to treat however we can offer treatments that can deliver amazing results..A Skin Consultation will be required for suitability


As the skin ages with time it looses collagen and elastin, this appears as jowling and folds onthe face. In comparison to the body loose skin can develop after post pregnancy, dramatic weight loss and post liposuction. We can successfully tighten  and lift the skin using the latest and state of the art medical devices. A skin consultation will be required for assessment and suitability.

Eyes are the focal point  of the face that what people see first and drawn to. Eye rejuvenation treatments can help to improve tired, dark, hollow and baggy eyes. During your Skin Consultation a thorough examination will be undertaken and treatment options will discussed.

Milia are tiny pearly white firm raised blemishes, usually occur on the face often around the eye.

Skin tags are benign growth of skin tissue which vary in size and prone in areas experiencing friction such armpits, groin, neck and also where clothes rub such as shirt collars, bra strap, back etc.

Blood spots are also known as cherry angiomas and when they are larder and raised they can be referred as Campbell de Morgan spots. they are completely harmless vascular blemish. They typically seen as bright red to dark red spots one skin.

Seborrhoeic Keratosis is a benign, proliferation of epidermal cells caused by ageing and its also known as seal warts.

Dermatosis Papulosa is a common symptomless condition consisting of one or multiple small black or brown skin circular lesions on the face and upper body and its more common in darker skin types such as fitzpatrick skin type 4,5 and 6.

Warts are small rough cauliflower like surface viral growth of skin. They are often found on fingers, knuckles and knees.

Moles are generally non cancerous and they commonly found on the face and body varying in size, colour and occasionally have a hair present in the mole. However a G.P letter will be required to confirm the mole is non cancerous and so that it can be treated.

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