with Sterex at Surface Clinic

Electrolysis Treatment

What is Electrolysis?
Electrolysis is the only proven permanent form of hair removal. It’s a progressive method of safely removing superfluous hair by weakening the hair to eliminate re-growth. Electrolysis can treat ALL skin types and ALL hair types, which no other hair removal system can offer. There are three main treatment methods used – diathermy, galvanic, and the blend method – used by many clinics and hospitals.

Unwanted hair is a common and often distressing problem that can undermine confidence and
self esteem. Fortunately, with advanced modern technology, electrolysis offers a completely safe
and totally effective solution for hair growth removal. The results can be both dramatic and life enhancing.

Suitable for Grey, Blonde and Red hair. Costing are follows:

First 15 minutes costs £40
Upto 30 minutes costs £65
Upto 45 minutes costs £80
Upto 1 hour costs £100

The consultation costs £25 and will go towards your treatment.