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Steven P

My Concerns:

Lines and wrinkles around the eyes, deeper lines on the forehead, dry skin and large open pores.

My Treatment plan included:
– 3 months skin prep on ZO Skin Health & ZO Medical
– The New ZO Controlled Depth Peel – A Signature Designer Non-Invasive Facelift Treatment

My treatment was performed by Anti-Ageing specialists Rukhsana Khan. The 1st Clinic in the UK offer this New Signature Designer Non-Invasive Facelift Treatment.

In-Depth Analysis by Rukhsana Khan:
This is my client Steve aged 49 yrs old. His main concerns are;
– Ageing lines and wrinkles around the eyes deep horizontal lines on the forehead.
– Sun damage
– Oily skin with large pores
– Mild rosacea
– Laxity around the Jowels
– Rough dull skin.

First signs of ageing occurs around the eyes as the skin is the thinnest in this area. This is the direct result of the disappearance of anchoring fibrils. Anchoring fibril is composed of collagen type VII that bonds the Epidermis and Dermis together. Structurally the Dermis has finger like projections referred as papillae which fits into the grooves of the epidermis forming the epidermal and dermal junction. As the anchoring fibrils starts to disappear the papillae start to flatten. As a result the epidermis and the dermis no longer move together as one during a movement instead the epidermis starts to slides over the dermis forming lines and wrinkles.

The ageing process starts from the age of 28yrs or even sooner if you are a smoker or have a inflammatory skin disorder. The collagen and elastin is constantly broken down and renewed before the age of 28. After this age this activity is slowed down progressively and STOPs because the cells in the Dermis called the fibroblast that activates the stem cells to produce collagen and elastin shuts down. When the collagen and elastin production is reduced the skin looses its elasticity and firmness and seen as loose Jowly skin.

Steven conditioned his skin 10 weeks with #ZOskinhealth #ZOMedical skin conditioning system. The stem activated the fibroblast cell in the dermis so they start to functioning again like a young skin. This in turn restored the skin barrier function through epidermal renewal skin exfoliation. Steven skin hydration improved by promoting the production of GlycoAminoGlycans and Natural Moisturising factors. The production of soft keratin which transpires as soft smooth skin with a natural glow hence no dullness. Controlled the micro comedone formation by reducing the oil production. Oil causes inflammation causing textural irregularities of the skins and pigmentation. As we age the blood circulation to the skin starts to impair and the delivery of antioxidants, nutrients and oxygen is reduced to the skin. Hence the production of angioblasts helps to improve the blood circulation into the skin so that skin receive the vital components to function healthy.

Six weeks post CDP treatment, Steven showed a significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes with improved skin elasticity. Also the horizontal deep lines on the forehead have improved. The skin tone is more even with reduced redness and the texture of the skin is more smoother with reduced pore size.

With the correct skin classification, conditioning and preparation the ZO Controlled Depth Blue Peel can be performed safely and deliver excellent results.

Surface is an Award-Winning Pioneering Clinic committed to the very best in Cosmetic Dermatology led Skin Rejuvenation treatments. Rukhsana Khan trained with Dr Zein Obagi in Beverly Hills and in the UK with Dr San van Eeden. She is a fully qualified and accredited ZO Controlled Depth Blue Peel practitioner.

This is my journey so far, I'll keep you posted...

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