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Joanne C

This is my journey so far...

Have others seen a difference in your skin?
Yes I have seen a difference in my skin, people have commented and said how good it is.

Have others noticed any changes in your skin?
Definitely! It’s only when you point it out to them and show pictures, there absolutely shocked and realise the difference. But I saw it after about two or three times. I’ve seen it more even, brighter, the pores are smaller, I can feel the difference in my skin and it just generally looks a lot healthier, shinier and more glowing. When you show them photographs and show them then and now,  they can really see a difference. The comments make me smile inside, its a secret smile because you know that your not using Botox, you’re not using Fillers, or anything artificial, its just your skin that’s coming through.

How has the quality of your skin changed your day to day life?
Just the confidence it gives, I play on stage in a band and just to stand up in front of hundreds of people and not be ashamed and just be me and the age that I am, its give me a lot more confidence.

How would you describe our approach to skin rejuvenation?
I think its fantastic your approach because it informs people, you don’t just sell the products, you tell people what’s in the product, what it’s going to do to you and what could happen. It’s a full story, its not just we are selling you a product, you are generally interested in how it’s going. My over all experience has been fantastic! Loved it and I can’t wait to come to each appointment, because each time my skin gets better and better and better and I just like it so much.

“To anyone watching this video, I would say just invest in your skin, your skin is the one thing that’s with you forever and it makes such a difference. You might spend £200 or £300 pounds on a bag but this, you look at it every single day and you’ll never regret it!”

So when I was younger I spent an awful lot on products, I always wanted good skin so I used to spend lots and lots of money on Clarins. I would buy all the Christmas gifts, I would be sucked into all this, and as a result I have all these little testers at home and things. When I came here I realised I needed something more getting towards the end of the 40’s and when I originally came in I was looking for Botox, thinking that was the only solution, fillers and things like that. I spoke to Rukhsana and I didn’t know there was another alternative to having cosmetic procedures, and it’s just transformed my makeup. I never wore bare minerals because my skin was never good enough, but now I have the confidence to go out without makeup, I actually see friends without makeup on and that to me is absolutely everything! It’s just fantastic at this age to have the confidence to do it without anything artificial. So I’d just say go for it!

Where would I go next?
My plan next is to just keep going and to keep trying everything that’s new. I find it exciting, I find it different. Every time I come in I’m excited because every time I see a difference in the skin. I’m actually looking forward to the next ten years, just because I’m fighting against nature now, but in a natural way so I’m looking forward to it.

You have helped me by giving me a insight in too, that there is an alternative to the Botox to the fillers, everything natural just your skin speaking for itself. Its something that I can do everyday, I can see the difference everyday, and for me the next few years are exciting, where as in the past I was dreading it but now I’m actually looking forward to being young again or staying the way I am, which is just fine!

I see it as a long journey but an interesting journey, where its going to change all the time, new products coming out that I want to try, I want to try the big peels. I find it exciting, where as ageing was something I didn’t want to do, I was scared of it but I’m not sacred anymore, its given me that confidence to just smile.

This is my journey so far...

My current treatment plan includes

Hydratite – An innovative treatment combining Hydrafacial and EndyMed Pro Skin Tightening
ZO Skin Health

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