Emerald Laser

Emerald Fat Loss Laser

Learn how Surface Clinic is helping clients LOSE FAT and BODY SCUPLT with Emerald Laser and combination treatments.

Emerald Laser

Lose inches of unwanted fat in a matter of weeks. The most advanced fat loss laser in the world. Shrink stubborn & unwanted fat cells permanently.

The Emerald Laser at Surface Clinic is fast becoming one of the UK’s favourite Fat Loss and Body Sculpting treatments.

The Emerald Laser is one of the safest and most effective ways to shrink stubborn and unwanted fat cells permanently.

After treatment, the body naturally eliminates the excess fatty materials through the lymphatic system, with patients experiencing a circumferencial reduction of up to 6 inches in just 8-12 weeks after treatment!

How it works
The Emerald laser is a no-contact, non-invasive and non-thermal fat loss laser that is clinically proven to effectively reduce unwanted fat and cellulite and heal your body from the inside-out.  It works as a natural alternative for fat loss by using non-thermal low level lasers to create a temporary pore in the fat cells, allowing the fatty liquids to seep out of the cell and be naturally flushed through your lymphatic system.

The Benefits:
✓  Permanently Shrink Stubborn Fat Cells
✓  6 Inch Circumferential Reduction In Weeks
✓  Zero Effort, Zero Downtime & Zero Side Effects
✓  Non-Invasive & Pain Free
✓  Fully FDA Approved

Emerald laser leeds

Benefits of Emerald Laser


Shrink Fat Cells Permanently Unlike many other well- known fat reduction treatments, Emerald Laser works to shrink fat cells rather than to permanently eradicate them.

Up To 6 Inch Circumferential Reduction Patients experience a circumferential reduction of up to 6 inches in just 8-12 weeks after treatment!

Convenient & Quick Each session is just 30 minutes, so you’ll find it easy to book in before or after work, during your lunch break or at the weekend. No stress!


Treat All Areas Whether you’re looking to eliminate fat from your abs, butt or thighs – the Emerald Laser can do it all. Suitable for all ages and skin types!


Pain-Free Treatment Unlike surgery and other fat loss treatments, treatment with the Emerald Laser is virtually 100% pain-free with zero side effects.


FDA Approved Treatment Emerald is the only fat reduction device on the market that is FDA-cleared for treating patients up to 40 BMI.

Great Results

Emerald Laser
Emerald Laser
Emerald Laser

Combine and enhance your results with InfraBaldan Laser Bike

Infrabaldan synchronises its infrared stimulation with the heart rate which helps the body burn fat continuously for up to 24 hours after treatment, ensuring natural long-lasting weight loss.

Infrabaldan allows to customise the treatment and target specific areas of concern, changing the body shape by reducing localised fat and toning muscles effectively.

The InfraBaldan is a patented system scientifically proven to re-activate your metabolism, making significant long-term improvements to your metabolic rate and how your body stores fat.

Infrabaldan raises the body temperature to boost immunity via improvment of blood parameters by producing more white blood cells. It also causes blood vessel dilation, enhancing circulation and oxygen delivery throughout the body.

It has been proven repeatedly that Near Infrared light therapy is a safe, drug-free and effective method for long-lasting pain relief, reducing inflammation and muscle pain, anywhere in the body. Near Infrared stimulation increases blood circulation to injury sites and areas of chronic pain, increasing cellular flow in these areas. This results in an accelerated relief from pain and the regeneration of damaged cells.

Infrabaldan treatment sessions release endorphins, serotonin and melatonin which all help to improve feelings of wellbeing and vitality. This encourages many significant health benefits including stress relief and regulation of the sleep/wake cycle.


InfraBaldan Laser Bike (Infrared Light Therapy) for Weight Loss

Featured on Channel 4’s ‘How To Lose Weight Well’, Our second Fat Loss laser, the InfraBaldan, uses infrared light therapy (also known as infrared radiation) to help you burn fat and lose weight in an effective but safe, progressive and natural manner, as well as re-gain a healthy lifestyle.

Over 20 years of research, development and scientifically proven. InfraBaldan uses near-infrared technology to deliver precise, targeted wavelengths of light to your skin, penetrating deep into your tissues to stimulate cellular repair and regeneration causing Aerobic Metabolism. We can combine Emerald and InfraBaldan to further enhance your results. The InfraBaldan is the ultimate way to burn fat and shed weight in a progressive and natural manner as well as re-gain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to shed excess weight, sculpt your body, manage injuries or reduce inflammation, our Infrabaldan system can help.

How it works:

You lay back, relax, and gently pedal with an entertainment screen and let InfraBaldan do the work. By combining infrared light therapy with moderate physical activity, the powerful combination helps target unwanted fat cells and stimulate cellular regeneration. It’s also patented and scientifically proven to reactivate your aerobic metabolism, ensuring effective weight loss and long-lasting results. The 40 minutes of InfraBaldan training are a tailor-made experience for each customer. In addition to weight loss and increased well-being, experience 40 minutes of total relaxation to your liking: on the big screen you will have the opportunity to choose the entertainment program you prefer.

The treatment is suitable for everyone: men and women, athletes and non-athletes. Synchronised with your heart rate, InfraBaldan is tailored to the individual user, working with you no matter what your physical fitness may be. InfraBaldan activates aerobic metabolism, general and localised weight loss and happiness. It is also beneficial for managing the symptoms associated with menopause. The moderate and constant movement, combined with the heating of the selected infrared-induced adipose tissue, reactivates the aerobic metabolism, without effort!


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Emerald Review
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The combination of 3 treatments in one with the emerald laser helps balance your gut health and work on lymphatic drainage too. Would highly recommend.
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Just been through my Emerald treaments and I have to say the results have been great
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Amazing clinic, I always get great service and advice. They always keep up with innovation and make great recommendations for treatments. Would recommend!
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A great experience all round - really cost effective packages and wonderful personal service...
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I have been a client of Surface Clinic for over 5 years now and I have to say it is the most Amazing Place...

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How much does the Emerald Laser Treatment cost?

To help our clients Lose Fat over the summer, we are currently offering the following package discounted from over £4000 to £2500

The £2500 package includes:
✓ Emerald Laser Consultation
✓ Visbody 3D Body Fat Composition Scan
✓ 10 Emerald Laser treatments
✓ 10 Lyphatic Drainage treatments
✓ 10 Powerplate Vibration Therapy treatments
✓ 10 EVRL (Gut and Brain) Laser Treatments
✓ Expert Support & Guidance throughtout this journey

You will need to attend 10 appointments once or twice a week.

Infrabaldan LaserBike can be added at a discounted price of £1300 fo 10 treatments (Normal Price £195 per treatment)