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Yorkshire's Award Winning prestigious hair removal service for all hair and skin types. Here at Surface Clinic we have very highly skilled and experienced electrolysis practitioners and the treatments are performed in a clean, clinical and medically led environment.

What is electrolysis
Electrolysis emits a short wave diathermy or thermolysis uses an alternating current at a high frequency and low voltage. This causes the water molecules around the follicle to vibrate resulting in the production of heat, stopping the blood supply to the root, which weakens and eventually destroys the hair.

What type of hair can be treated with electrolysis?
- ALL hair types (thick, fine and vellus)
- All hair colours including Grey, Blonde, Red etc.
- Safe to treat all skin type and colour

How many treatments will I need?
For successful and effective results, each individual hair requires repeated treatments. This is because each individual hair has its' own growing cycle called Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. The Anagen phase is the active hair growth cycle where the hair shaft is attached to the dermal papilla with a rich supply feeding the hair follicle with nourishment. For successful treatment for electrolysis has to target the hair in Anagen phase to achieve optimum results as it is the destruction of the dermal papilla which is required. Therefore a course of treatment is required for best results for permanent results.

Which areas can be treated?
Can treated all areas of the body however medical grade lasers will be more appropriate for larger areas such as arms and legs etc. We can treat eyebrows which is a limitation with the laser due to eye safety.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Price
15 Minutes £15
30 Minutes £28
45 Minutes £40
1 hour £58
Advanced Electrolysis Facial Thread Veins Price
15 Minutes £68.50
30 Minutes £98.50
Milia Removal Price
Treatment £90
Skin Tags Price
15 Minutes £90
30 Minutes £180
Hair in a mole Price
Treatment On consultation